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Personally, I prefer to eat at home, rather than going out. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, meals cooked .

And they do not move quickly. A recent index released by TomTom, a navigation specialist, named Mexico City the most congested city in the world. Idling cars add to the pollution problem. Under the usual rules of Hoy No Circula , cars are meant to have emissions below certain thresholds if they are to drive every day.

Mexico City orders all cars off the road one day a week to tackle air pollution

Ozone is created more readily at such elevation, and engines work less efficiently and spit out more pollutants. The fact that the city has mountains around it does not help either, as the polluted air cannot escape easily, especially during the windless days the city has experienced recently. Since the city cannot change its location it has to focus on mitigating the other problems.

How to encourage drivers and passengers out of their cars and microbuses, for example. But more is needed at a time when government budgets are being cut.

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New bus services could certainly replace the most popular microbus lines. And finding a way to price the cost of environmental damage into the use of cars is leading to calls for a congestion charge. In the meantime, the spluttering of both engines and residents will continue.

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  8. Login Join. Open Document. City Life vs. Country Life When a person lives in the city and they open their door they notice many different things. They hear cars racing by, sirens blaring, and people constantly talking. They also can not see out the window without seeing skyscrapers, big apartments, and office buildings. They smell the pollution they also see the smog in the sky from factory emissions, and vehicle exhaust.

    Meanwhile a person who lives in the country and opens their door notices many different things. They hear birds chirping, animal sounds, and children enjoying the day. They see the beautiful scenery of the trees, flowers blooming, and smell the aroma of fresh cut grass, and clean air.

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    Unless a person has lived in the city and in the country, it is impossible to fully understand the differences between them; however, there are three main issues to consider when choosing which one to live in. First the working environments are very different in the city and country. There are greater work opportunities for obtaining and keeping a job in the city. People in the city have career options such as factory workers, stock brokers, corporate executives, and bankers.

    In the city you battle things such as traffic, people walking to work, riding a bus, or taking the subway. In addition the commutes are very different for those who live in the city they do not have vehicles, or you have to pay to park in a parking garage.

    Air pollution in cities

    The city has a stronger population, which in return causes companies to have better salary options for their employees. But the cost of living is really high in the city because there are plenty of job options. Instead people who live in the country do not have as many job options, so they settle for less challenging jobs such as a farmer, sawmill, or restaurant employee.

    In the country a farmer can walk out his door to work, and most people who work in a sawmill, or a restaurant have a shorter commute. However, a farmer's salary is based off of how well his or her crops produce, and sawmill or restaurant employees are fortunate to obtain minimum wage.

    Mexico City Cleaned Up Its Act But Mexicans Don't Believe It

    Even though these jobs do not pay as much the cost of living is lower where there is not as many job options. Secondly there is no doubt that education is among the top priorities, when parents choose a place for their children to grow up in. In the city parents are preparing their children for the best education so they prefer quality education. In the city, public schools are overcrowded which results in larger class sizes and no teacher relationship with the students.

    A student would be lucky if the teacher could put a name to their face; although, bigger schools offer more courses as well as more extra-curricular activities. City life has better educational opportunities charter schools, community colleges, 4- Year College, training schools, etc. The city schools have larger classrooms for young children and have newer technology. While schools in the country are not over crowded, they have a smaller class sizes which allows the teachers to be able to have more… Show More.

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    Policy decisions have been made at local or national levels of the past major changes from policy… Words - Pages 3. Other effects… Words - Pages 2. Air and Pollution Essay Air and Water Pollution Air and water pollution is something that effect and cause harm to humans and to the environment. There are many types of harmful chemical… Words - Pages 3.

    Air Pollution and District C. City Essay 1. Essay Air Pollution Air pollution is a big problem and is a cause that you should stand up for. Anyways air pollution comes from anything and everything but mostly from burning fossil fuels and other… Words - Pages 2. The Gauteng State of the Environment Report highlighted the most significant air quality issues as follows; Global warming due to the generation of greenhouse… Words - Pages 7.